1. Repressive state Apparatus is an exclusive part of the government like police, the army, the prison system or the judiciary, that from Althusser’s point of view are meant to inhibit people from their individual freedoms, controlling society by fear. An example could be when protesting, people suffer from police brutality, because this type of actions is a disruption of the actual status quo.

2. Ideological State Apparatus is also a part of the government but not all of the time, it can be entities like schools, political groups o media conglomerates, religious groups, where they teach you to obey, and present situations where supposedly you have “options” and can “chose”, when in fact at the end is all part of the status quo.

3. The differences might be that the RSA tells you what not to do or how not to act, and what the consequences would be if you act against the guidelines that are implemented in the status quo, and, the ISA tells you what to think and how to obey the guidelines so you are a piece of the elitist groups to maintain their grasp on power.

4. Cancel/woke culture and the LGBT movement in America

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