1.The repressive State Apparatus is used by the government to exercise social control over its population. Althusser call it “repressive” because Repressive State Apparatus uses violence to make the people fearful and thus control the society. This system takes away the power and freedom of the people, and they pass the society Institutions: Police, courts or prisons use violence against the people to make the people fearful, so that it may be easier to control the society.

2.The job of Ideological State Apparatuses is to prevent changes to the status quo. It allows people to learn to obey authority and brainwash. And Ideological State Apparatuses appear in the media and education systems.

3.Repressive State Apparatus is to control people’s thoughts and behaviors through threats of violence. Most of them are methods used by the government and the state, while the Ideal State Apparatus is to consciously control people’s thoughts and make people identify with your thoughts.

4. 2019–2020 Hong Kong protests, Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement. This is a repressive apparatuses.

港警圍攻香港中大蘇揆:槍桿捍衛的政權會被終結| 香港反送中直擊

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