Personal Project Post

We will go over this in class as well.

Info For Your Post

  • Title: The title should be clear that it’s a web site and the name of your project. Something like Web Site: Chris Stein Portfolio
  • Post Content: Include the following (add headings to make it easier to read). You can take some of this from your Portfolio Brief
    • Description
      • what your project is about, why you created it, target audience.
    • Technology and Skills Used
      • Talk about your use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (if you did), Git/GitHub, Eleventy, Netlify.
      • You can also talk about the process of going from brief (with wireframes and sitemap) to plain HTML/CSS version to Eleventy static site.
    • Links
      • GitHub Repository Link
      • Netlify Link
    • (optional for now) Featured Image take a screenshot of your design and include it as a featured image.
    • (optional for now) Screenshot later in the class I will have you go back in and add screenshots when your project is complete. you may want to pull it up in a site like so you can show how it is responsive.
  • Category: on the right side where they is info about the post look for the Categories section and check the Personal Project category.

Don’t forget to save!


OpenLab Video on Creating a Post

Article on writing a Case Study

This is about how you should write about your work. It gets more in depth than what I’m asking for here. Being able to write to this level about your work will be a great boost to getting an internship or job. Employers want to know what you did, why, what your thought and work process is like. However they also don’t want to read too much. Getting enough but not too much and being clear takes practice.

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