Web Site: Luisa Fernandez Portfolio


My portfolio site is made to showcase my work. My goals for the site is to gain more experience by creating and unitizing different programs such as visual studio to build my site. I would like to use this portfolio site to help land me my future career. I want to include in my portfolio a home page that would include about me and possibly the services I provide. I want to include a work page that would display my work, then additional pages that would click into separate page of single work. I also wanted to possibly include my resume as a page. Lastly I would like to include a contact page.

I want my page to catch the attention of potential clients or used as my portfolio when hiring manager or companies asks to see my work when I’m seeking for a career.

Technology and Skills Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Visual Code
  • Github
  • Eleventy
  • Netlify


Github: https://luisadoris.github.io/luisa-portfolio/

Netlify: coming soon

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