The moral criticism in the story “Mine Eyes Have Seen” by Alice Dunbar-Nelson is both corrupting to citizens and it also shows morals. As Plato said “hold the mirror up to nature” depicting the lowest strata of human behavior because there are three brothers and sisters that only have each other. Dan the oldest and he is cripple, Lucy and Chris the youngest. Chris got drafted to join the army but he doesn’t want to go because of how this country treated his family. His father was murdered and his dead didn’t get no justice and his mother died right after. They were living in a nice home but the whites people drove them out of there like dogs because they are a black family. 

In the play the story shows that even though the family experiences in this country weren’t all great Dan wants his brother Chris to go to the army and serve his country. They have each other to help out one and another and support each other. Chris don’t want to go but in the end he does.

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