Marriage proposal

I think Chekhov’s (marriage) is ironic in that the three characters in the story are very greedy people.

Chubkov was a greedy landowner because he could sell his daughter for money.

Romov proposed marriage simply because he needed a woman. He has such low self esteem that even a little thing can make him suffer from cramps until he faints. Being petty, he would argue with a woman over a pointless matter and forget why he proposed to her. He never considers what dignity is for self interest, and interest is his greatest purpose.

Natalya’s outlook on life has only interests in it. She can quarrel with the person she wants to marry over a dog that has nothing to do with marriage in a state of desperate marriage, and can continue to argue while getting engaged.

The summary of the whole story is that the person who proposes is not because of love, nor is the suitor who accepts because of love. Marriage is not as important as a piece of grass or two dogs. In the process of this proposal, there are insults and curses. And the marriage proposal turned out to be a success. I think the problem shown in this story is the same as modern people, we are always focused on showing our good side to others, we only do things for our own benefit without thinking about the consequences.

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