dunbar nelson

There is a lack of morals in this play. All the characters are hurt people looking for validation from the same system that hurt them. They are worried about being “team players” when the team they are playing for will never honor them if they win. This play does not depict morals criticisms rather, it rattles the emotions of people who feel undervalued and appreciated. It will make ignore those feelings and bend to the command of the oppressor. 

“Mine eyes have seen” by Alice Dunbar Nelson shows how easily you can manipulate a person’s way of thinking. How you can convince someone that your way of seeing things is the right way. In the play Dan believes that America does not deserve his service and his brother Chris is trying to convince him that his fight is to make black people in America look good. But what does impressing people matter when you are looked as less than human? It shows how fragile the human brain is and how we can become delusional.  

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