Marriage Proposal

In the “Marriage Proposal” by Chekhov a comedic yet raveling approach is taken to display a common trope still prevalent in todays society. Marriage is a tradition as old as time that has unified nations, peoples, and families. But much like in Chekhov’s play, its also something that hasn’t really evolved as one might of thought. Marriage to many is still this grandiose event that is regarded as the hallmark in ones life. A tradition that a man and women must uphold at least once within their lives. And because of how most people only marry once, an importance on the proposal is taken. Sometimes even more than the reason they should be getting married for. All the more, The play still holds fast to this train of thought and much like our ancestors that have been seeking oaths into one another , is a reflection of both modern and past views on Marriage. Decades, Centuries, and Eons the act of marriage is one that has come in many forms, each subservient to whatever culture its taking place. Yet in the vast world we live in, a call to the one deep desire in humanity is symbolized through marriage. A sense of unification.

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