Writing as Activism

In my opinion, writing can still be a viable means of activism for BIPOC in the present-day United States. Activism, no matter what form, is still viable because it further broadcasts the voices of the oppressed. Almost any way that spreads awareness is viable to activism because attention is needed. The larger number of people reached, the more action that can be taken, and more support can be offered. In the age of social media, marches, and news reports, formal writing is still necessary to reach those that are removed from today’s age; those that prefer to read and form their own opinions. People still look for writers for empowerment, especially if they’re somewhat famous or have a fan base, so they can spread awareness through their pieces. Many people have been moved by pieces written by authors which lead them to be a part of a movement or support one. 

Writing is still a reasonable form of activism even in present-day America because writing is in everything. It’s needed for the articles that inform others and are posted on the web and social media accounts, it’s in the instagram posts that calls on people to take action, it’s used for the speeches given at thousands of marches, and it’s in the scripts for the news anchors that deliver to millions of  people. Writing invokes thoughts, feelings, and inspiration, all things essential for movements and activism as a whole. Writing is an eternal means of liberation because writing in itself is eternal, writing is how we communicate, share information, connect, explain, teach, and more. As long as activism is necessary, writing will be necessary as well.

2 thoughts on “Writing as Activism

  1. HI Brittney, I agree that the power social media holds nowadays is one that allows for voices to be heard across the world. Writing will still hold its strength as long as there is someone with just as much passion and desire to share their pain/love.

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