What happens in the family greatly affects the mental and psychological health and development of children. Life does not pass without problems. Naturally, there are problems in this life, and the child must know them, and they must participate in them and responds well when the parents explain the cause of the problem and resolve their disagreement, and from here the child acquires the skill of solving it. There is no need to be too vague, but parents should be careful not to say bad words or use violence because they are a source of safety and a good example. Parents should also not speak negatively about each other so as not to sow fear and anxiety in the heart of the child because he will grow up with him and may live in a bad psychological state that affects him negatively. for consecutive years and may continue with him for life.

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  1. I like that you not only bring up the inevitability of problems in life, but also that we must be in the middle of them to learn from them. Sometimes parents want to open you up to the world just enough to show how scary it is, hoping it helps keep you in line, but then don’t do enough to help you cope with and and learn to problem solve on your own.

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