From the moment a child talks it means that they have been listening to what you say. In my understanding, adults tend to complain a lot in front of kids not knowing that the first instinct of a child is to mirror the behavior of others. I believe that adults should be careful when talking about big issues in front of young children because they will pick up this negativity and, over time, become negatively programmed themselves. However, you should never shield kids from world events. I recommend adults to level with the kid in an age-appropriate and reassuring way because they are powerless to address anything in their life but have the right to understand that there are certain things that can affect them.

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  1. Hey Loren,

    This is a great take. I completely agree that young children are constantly mirroring everything that they see. Parents complaining or arguing in front of their children is definitely something that they will pick up on.

  2. I totally agree children are like sponges! Even when you don’t think they’re paying attention they are, that’s why you have to be mindful what you say, do, watch and or listen too in front of them. I definitely feel that parents shouldn’t try to shield or hide realistic things or events from children but instead take the opportunity to educate and explain in a way that’s appropriate based on age.

  3. I definitely agree with your post. Children are like sponge’s and learn from their environment. They pick up on everything the people around them say and do. So parents should watch they say around their kids and watch what they expose them to. While the truth doesn’t necessarily need to be withheld from children, making slight adjustment so it’s appropriate for them is another alternative.

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