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Feminism- Ichiyo

 In the story Oseki is forced to remain Harada’s wife and put up with his mistreatment because it is the only way to help her family. Oseki represents what women went through at that time to obtain some type of power since the priority of women was to obey the man. She and her marriage are also affected because of their different social status. Harada believes he is superior to her and categorizes her as a woman without knowledge. The difference between their social classes leads them to have different perspectives about life. Oseki’s little knowledge of upper-class activities does not allow her to function as Harada would like.


In my understanding race does matter when the narrative deals with issues of race because it is easier to understand the struggles when you yourself are living it. However, race does not matter when it comes to defending people’s rights. The truth is that racism affects us all in many different ways. I believe Chopin portrays this statement very well in her story, because despite being a white woman, she points out the truth about being a person of color and the reality of what they were going through.  


From the moment a child talks it means that they have been listening to what you say. In my understanding, adults tend to complain a lot in front of kids not knowing that the first instinct of a child is to mirror the behavior of others. I believe that adults should be careful when talking about big issues in front of young children because they will pick up this negativity and, over time, become negatively programmed themselves. However, you should never shield kids from world events. I recommend adults to level with the kid in an age-appropriate and reassuring way because they are powerless to address anything in their life but have the right to understand that there are certain things that can affect them.