Mine Eyes Have Seen

What Mine Eyes Have Seen

In “Mine Eyes Have Seen”, the play does not teach piety and virtue. Instead, it teaches what Plato depicted as “hold the mirror up to the nature”. The play teaches amoral citizen behavior such as crime and racism. For instance, this family move to a new city where they were being harassed by white people, who did not want them there just because of the color of their skin.  In “Mine Eyes Have Seen”, Dan says “notices posted on the fence for us to leave town because niggers had no business having a decent home.”

In “Mine Eyes Have Seen”, the play also teaches crime and unpunishment. The house of this newcomer family was burned by the racist people and with that the family goals and plans were literally destroyed. Dan says, “To see them go up in the smoke of our burned home” referring to their plans. Their father was also killed and the person who committed the crime was never incarcerated. Chris says, “Must I go and fight for the nation that let my father’s murder go unpunished.”

4 thoughts on “Mine Eyes Have Seen

  1. Hi Jesus!
    This play was really sad to me, and the ending only made me sadder. I really felt Chris’ pain and wish he didn’t have to serve a country that had failed him and his family so much.

  2. Its heartbreaking how even through everything Chris faced he served the country he lived in. Imagine defending the country that allows this unrighteous acts. That takes courage i wonder if he forgave them or fought maybe to forget the pain.

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