Marxism in “The Thirteenth Night”

Two very different economic classes are shown in “The Thirteenth Night.”  These classes are represented by Isamu and Roku. Isamu and Roku seemingly live very different lives.  Roku’s marriage has failed and he is living in destitution without a family.  From an outside perspective, Isamu’s life looks much more successful.  Under the surface however, Isamu’s and Oseki’s marriage is failing just as Roku’s.  The story begins with Oseki’s parents explaining how happy they are of her marriage and the good it has done for her and the family.  Oseki’s run in with Roku shows her that it truly does not matter what social or economic class you belong to if you are not happy.  Roku and Oseki were happier when they were young, regardless of their families’ economic standing.  Now, separated by circumstance and living very different lives, they are both unhappy.  From this interaction, it is clear that financial success does not equal happiness. 

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