Where I’m From

I am from stethoscopes.

from Purell and Kimberly-Clark powder gloves.

I am from the constant beeping of heart rate monitors.

I am from a brick building

the artistic heart of a city.

I am from writing

and reading.

from Michael.

and Tracey.

I am from ADHD

and a General Anxiety Disorder.

From kindness

and creativity.

I am from evenings spent watching Yankees baseball

I’m from the West Village,

Hudson Street Bagels and arroz con pollo from the bodega .

From the poverty my father, Michael, grew up with,

and the worry from my mother.

I am from our home in New York City.

2 thoughts on “Where I’m From

  1. Despite our different locations within it, your poem makes me feel like we both love the city for the same reasons. Its always nice to see someone else sharing about their ADHD, I hope you’ve found your balance with it, I know it can be tough.

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