1. According to MLK, how can we tell the difference between just and unjust laws? Understanding these questions is the most important part of this module, and I will ask it again during our second exam 

According to Dr. Martin Luther King, a just law is a law that is of God, that inspires humans

personally. An unjust law is a law that devalues humans personally. The bias laws encourage

supremacy to the oppressors, causing the oppressed to feel subjection. By way of illustration,

segregation is an unjust law because it is demeaning, destroying the soul of the oppressed. One

that breaks the law to raise awareness for injustice and accepts responsibility for being

imprisoned is acting justly.

  1. In your view, is this an important distinction (between just and unjust laws), do you think it makes a difference in the way someone (as an individual, or our society as a whole) lives their lives? Can it affect our politics? 

Just and unjust law is that an unjust law is made by the majority in order to force the minority to follow while a just law is still made by the majority but implemented with the consent and voluntary participation of the minority. Secondly, he suggests that any law that differentiates and discriminates people based on race, religion, ethnicity and social status are unjust laws. This means he wanted people to fight the unjust laws with just and peaceful ways. Finally, any law which doesn’t align with the moral law of god should be considered as unjust laws. This would mean these man made code of laws are incompatible with the god given moral laws thus, discriminating people based on certain man made institutions.

3. Based on our discussion of Question 1, give an example of an unjust and just law, in the US today. Explain what makes it unjust or just (using MLK’s definition of those two types of laws

Civil Forfeiture law is considered as one of the unjust laws in the United States. In this law the property of one is seized by the Government only in charge of criminal association without any proof. This law violates human rights. King says that just laws are created in keeping balance with the law and morality of God. Just law never contradicts humanity. It never violates human rights. The Civil Forfeiture law opposes humanity. It is forcefully imposed. Therefore it is an unjust law.

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