1. Traditionally, war would be waged against a certain targets like an enemy. According to P. Williams, the ‘war on terror’ was more mind warfare. The special thing about this war was that the enemy had no specific identity. Anyone in America would be a potential target. Also the thing with terror and mind warfare is it tends to make people act out of fear and emotion and ultimately prejudice. 
  2. The ‘Roving Wiretaps’ seems to violate the fourth amendment. There seems to be a contradiction. The way it’s supposed to work it federal agents need to apply and get a approval for wire taps before recording. In the case of suspected terrorists, this does not apply. 
  3. “Sneak and Peek” warrants also seem to violate the Fourth Amendment. This allows agents to suddenly enter suspects homes without warning to the suspect. This validate unreasonable searches and seizing of property without proper documentation. Granted, if you warn a suspect that they are being investigated, chances are they may try to run. This should only be used in extreme cases. 

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