Plan Your Visit

Planning your visit is easy! You can walk-in, but if you need one-one assistance or consultation, it is better if you make a reservation. You are encouraged to email the Lab Manager in order to help them prepare what you need.  

Hours Spring 2024:

Tuesdays: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Wednesdays & Thursdays: 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Fridays: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
(Lunch hour 1:00 pm -2:00 pm, Dinner break 6:00-6:15 pm)

Please be advised that these hours are subject to change due to events/classes, check our calendar for specific blocks and Instagram for any announcements.


Walk ins are welcomed and encouraged for all current BMCC students, faculty, and staff. The lab manager can assist you with your project, give you access to some of the material and equipment, or simply show you around the space if it’s your first visit. But be aware that there may be others already being assisted and may need to wait to be helped.


If you have a specific deadline you are trying to meet, we highly recommend making a reservation. Reservations guarantee that time and your project is the priority. Please check the calendar linked above for any conflicts, and contact the Lab Manger at to schedule an appointment (maximum scheduling block is 2 hours a day) at least 2 days before your expected reservation– if emailing after 6:00 pm, the email will not be addressed until the next working day.

Please include the following information in your email:  

  • What you’d like to do: Is this a Makerspace tour, a project consultation, a one-on-one onboarding for a particular software/equipment, or reservation for using the equipment?
  • The day(s) and time block(s) you would like (maximum is 2 hours a day).
  • The machine you plan on using (if known)
  • The material you plan on using, please include links if it’s material you plan on purchasing so that the Lab Manager can vet it (if known) 

Please be early or on time. Your reservation is your allotted time and if you arrive too late, you may have reschedule for another day. Please be mindful and contact the Lab Manager if you are late or need to cancel a reservation. We recommend contacting as soon as possible before your appointment.

Visitor Access for Non-BMCC Guests or Alumni: Please contact the Makerspace Director and CC’ing the Lab Manager for more information.


Tours of the Space/Equipment: Get to know the Makerspace and its tools! This is best if you’re new to Makerspaces or tools used just to have a better idea for your projects.

Project Consultation: Project consultation can be done either as walk-in or reservation, at your own discretion. While we encourage you to come in physically to see the space and have a better idea, under certain circumstances we can provide a virtual consultation.

Guided Equipment Usage: If you’re new to 3D Printing or Vinyl Cutting and not sure about running the equipment, the Lab Manager is there to walk you through and onboard you with the equipment. Please note: the Laser Cutter cannot be self-operated and will always need to be operated but the Lab Manger.

Self-Study: Self-study people do not need to make a reservation, but it is encouraged to make sure that machine is reserved for your use. This is only limited to the vinyl cutter and 3D printers as students cannot operate the laser cutter alone.

Print Reservations: Need a print done but not able to come to the Makerspace? Simply contact the Lab Manager and have your pieces made to order and pick them up at a later date.

Hosting an Event or Class:

If you wish to host a class or event in the Makerspace, email Anna Pinkas, and CC the Lab Manager; we will provide you a form to send to us. You may want to add any relevant information in the form also in the email for redundancy and your own self-documentation.

Please make sure to check our calendar for any current scheduling. Please try to make sure to reserve the space a week before your planned event date at the latest to allow us to coordinate and prepare on our end.

Arriving at the Makerspace:

Where is the Makerspace?

The Makerspace is located in Room S608 in the 199 Chambers Street building. Take the escalator up to the 6th floor, where you will see the Media Arts Technology Office and the vending machines. Take the left hallway down until you see the brick wall with two wooden benches. In the recess on the left you will see the Makerspace door (It may be somewhat obscured by the white pillar). 

If using the elevators, you take the left to the hallway and walk all the way down until you see the brick wall with two wooden benches. On the left you will see the Makerspace door. 

Signing-in and Out:

There will be a clipboard on the grey desk, please sign in. You may be asked by the Lab Manager to do so as well. Under “Item” you can put in walk-in, tour, or consult in general, but if using a specific machine, name the machine. Self-study without equipment can just fill in lab or self-study

Once you have signed in, you are free to self-study or use the equipment. If this is a reservation, then you may expect the Lab Manager to be prepared with whatever you requested. 

Makers can expect a 15 minute warning before closing. This will allow you to save work or otherwise clean up.