On Demand Printing

On Demand Printing:

If you’re looking to get a more refined piece than what we can do in the Makerspace, especially in later end prototyping and/or need specialized parts or materials we cannot use, we suggest investing a print on demand service. Depending on the complexity of your work and materials needed, it may be costly. However, many services allow you to get a quote before committing.

All of the sites listed are US-based/have US branches for the ease of price & shipping.

Print Goods (Cards, Stickers, Posters):
  • Moo has great quality prints and wide array of items to print on.
  • Vistaprint Is another great alternative!
  • Canva has a free version and a paid subscription. It is an all-in-one design and print on demand service.
  • SmartpressStickers, booklets, signs, and more!
3D Printing:
  • Shapeways is NYC-based, and print in wide range of materials.
  • Voodoo Manufacturing is also NYC-based, but only print in plastic.
  • Fictiv is California based, and provides not just 3D printing, but injection molds, urethane casting and CNC machining.
  • 3Dilligent is California based, but is more geared for large scale manufacturing. However, they do provide printing in various materials and kinds of printing.
  • 3D Systems is South Carolina based, and founded by the inventor of the 3D printer. It looks like they focus more on large scale manufacturing as well, but worth looking into.
Laser Cutting/Etching:
  • T & T Plasticland is right here in NYC (not far from Canal Plastics), the offer on-demand laser cutting and etching.
  • Ponoko is US & New Zealand based, providing laser cut manufacturing for Etsy sellers, kickstarter gifts, and more.
  • Sculpteo is US and French based, and can cut on some of the same materials used in the space.
  • Lava Labs is Virginia based, and can do more materials, like leather and cork!
PCB/Circuit boards: