Other Makerspaces

Here is a list of makerspaces and the sites where you can visit and explore. There are three categories:

  • Within CUNY: you might be able to access by virtue of being a CUNY student.
  • Outside CUNY: Makerspaces from other institutions outside CUNY. While inaccessible to CUNY students, it is nice to know what is out there, and might even help determine if you plan to transfer in the future.
  • Public Makerspaces: These are for the public to use, but will need to pay for a membership in order to use the space.

Within CUNY

To Be Added Upon

Outside CUNY

Public Makerspaces

Please note the prices I list are the lowest for accessing the machinery. Some groups have higher or lower tiers you can purchase but may not have access.

  • Makerspace NYC is a homegrown community that took over the former TechShop space in Brooklyn. The lowest membership that allows you to use the machines is $150/month
  • Fat Cat Fab Lab offers workshops and events, as well as work space. Basic membership that will allow you access to the machines is $110/month
  • While a close knit community, NYC Resistor welcomes new people to join! Their membership dues is $115/month
  • Hack Manhattan is another makerspace. Dues are $100/month, $50/month for students/starving hackers.