Materials for the Laser Cutter/Vinyl Cutter:

Listed below are all the Makerspace approved materials and where to purchase them.

Physical Computing:

Locations care listed of each company when known for ease of purchase planning.

Boards & Components:
  • Adafruit: Based in NYC. A little pricey but shipping is relatively fast, and all of the electronics have documentation on  the website.
  • Pololu: Has a nice variation, including motors and some robotics kits. Ships from Nevada.
  • Seeed Studio: China based, but has an office in the US. Boards and many IoT devices.
  • Solarbotics: Based in Canada, has many options for motors and robotics kits.
  • Sparkfun A little cheaper than Adafruit, but also has good documentation. Ships from Colorado, so be sure to plan accordingly when ordering.
  • Tinkersphere: Has physical store in NYC. Cheap, but do not provide datasheets. Great in a pinch/Emergency.
 Bulk Components:

These are loose parts, make sure you’re getting the right component. Through-Hole pieces can be used for perfboard and breadboard. SMDs are surface mounted components for PCB circuit boards.

  • Octopart is a great way to find parts and search over most of the listed sites below.
  • DigiKey is based out of Minnesota.
  • Jameco is based in California.
  • Mouser is based in Texas.
  • Newark is based in Illinois.
  • SuperBightLEDS: LED lighting components. Based in Montana.

Other Bits & Bobs: