Final Reflections

Professor Perry,

ENG 201 was by far one of my most interesting courses this semester, the literature I have read has taught me that beautiful stories are worth analyzing and most of all, worth enjoying. As the course has progressed, I’ve found it easier and easier to express my thoughts and ideas regarding the pieces we’ve all read together, and I feel more confident in my writing abilities!

I enjoyed reading “The Thirteenth Night” and I also loved analyzing “Frankenstein.” These were the stories that I liked the most and I feel that my work demonstrated that. This course allowed me to express myself creatively while also exploring the wonderful opinions and thoughts of my classmates. It was fun to interact with everyone’s work and witness different assessments. Writing a short play was incredibly interesting and I didn’t realize how fun it could be to write dialogue for characters, it was a nice and fun assignment to finish off the semester (and the year) with!

My biggest challenge this semester did not revolve around a particular course or its work, but instead my own motivation. I had to push through and find discipline beyond temporary inspiration. I know that many classmates can agree, especially as we approached the colder and darker months.

Thank you so much for making this class such a pleasure. I looked forward to all the assignments! This was my final ENG course, and now as all my upcoming courses will revolve around STEM, I feel sad.

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