Parents should be mindful of how they communicate with their children to ensure they are on a path that continues to protect, care for, and promote their overall well-being. Therefore, you need to actively listen to your children in order to show them care and understand them better. Lack of good communication can lead to disharmony and misunderstandings within the family. More importantly, parents should be brutally honest with their children. This is because it helps children improve their communication skills and lays a good foundation for them to become decent adults. For example, in the book Gorilla, My Love, Bambara explains why parents feel untrustworthy when they are unfaithful and unfaithful to their children. Therefore, parents should speak only the truth, no matter how brutal, and not protect their children by saying only good things. Parents must teach their children reality and always match their words with their actions. Finally, parents should avoid making fun of their children.

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