In “Mine eyes have seen”, we can see what Platon called “ hold the mirror up to the nature”. This play show the lowest form of human behavior such as violence, racism, intolerance, lack of empathy, discrimination  and corruption. 

Chris’s father was lynched by his racist white neighbors and the rest of his family fled their home. Later they arrived in a new town, where his mother died. One day he came home with the bad new that he was drafted. He was so upset because he didn’t want to fight for a country that did not respect their rights and let his father’s death go unpunished.   

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  1. Hey Carolina, We do get a depiction of the lowest form of strata when reading “Mine eyes have seen”, and through Chris’s shared pain we can emotionally relate to the injustice that was caused unto him. I believe that this depiction was necessary to see how low humanity can go through the lens of the abused.

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