1. They chose to frame their defense through that language for the need of staying in power to control poor communities, as slavery and the Jim Crows were already dead, most Southern States had to use a language where the opposition to the Civil Rights Movement grew in number, but without directly targeting the black community and other persons of color. They deviated the attention from the color of the skin to the dangers of having certain type of individuals protesting, marching or even sharing same spaces, putting white Americans in danger and therefore they needed “law and order”. Finally, according to M. Alexander this language created a disruption in how American politics had been dominated by the Democrats and gave the Republican party the chance to create a new majority being able to have more funding and direct all their efforts to the minorities.
  2. The Southern Strategy is still deeply influencing the way the Republican party participates in American politics, and a good example is the case of Donald Trump winning the presidency in 2016, Donald Trump was a character in American politics that looked the support of again the white-collar very religious voters, who were mostly found in the States of the South, and in a similar way as Nixon did, he used the rhetoric speech to “Make America Great Again” through “Law and Order”, in his speech he blamed the previous administration, and because of the economic and social policies they implemented during that time, America had gotten weak and that the greatness of the nation was in danger. Southern States are crucial for presidential elections, and Trump exploited the discontent of white southerners to the limit, blaming any action outside his party to be not beneficial to the country and Americans asking for “Law and Order”.

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