1. Southern racist politicians chose to frame their defense of racial segregation through the language of “law and order” to paint black people as criminals. In the reading it states, “Support of civil rights legislation was derided by Southern conservatives as merely ‘rewarding lawbreakers.’” Southern conservatives were literally calling all black people criminals because they connected crime rates and the Civil Rights Movement and claimed the CRM was the cause of rising crime rates. Their choice of words helped them gain the support of poor white people, which would lead to the republicans forming a “new majority”. 
  1. I believe that the Southern Strategy is still influencing American politics. I believe Trump has used the Southern Strategy plenty of times but one specific example is when a group of white supremacists, aka Proud Boys, were getting violent at protests for BLM. When Trump was asked to condemn the Proud Boys he said, “stand back and stand by”. When someone tells you to “stand by” it basically means “don’t do anything but be ready”, which leads me to believe that he was in support of the white supremacist group. 

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