Clarissa Carrillo- DB 2.1

  1. Michelle Alexander states that the main explanation of why so many people are sent to jail in the U.S today is due to drug related crimes. However, Alexander states that using this as an explanation is wrong seeing as to most of those being sent to jail are minorities- especially Blacks- facing harsher sentences than those who are white, even when white people are those who commit drug related crimes a lot more often than people of color. Those who are convicted of drug related crimes also face harsher punishment than prisoners in other countries with serious human rights violations. Lastly, the U.S as a whole has a higher rate of imprisonment than countries such as Russia, China, and Iran, whom have highly repressive regimes, as stated by Alexander.
  2. The racial disparities in the rates of incarceration can not be explained by the rates of drug rhymes because as M. Alexander stated, there are studies proving that people of all colors sell and use drugs at essentially the same rates. Not only that, but she also states that surveys have shown that white youth are more likely to participate in drug crime than people of color.
  3. I think the phrase “the American penal system has emerged as a system of social control unparalleled in world history” means people are being imprisoned as a way to control certain groups, such as minorities, since they are the ones making the vast majority of prison populations. Instead of prison being used as a way to help and reform, it is being used to keep people- minorities- in “their place.”

Clarissa Carrillo- DB 2.2

  1. Southern racist politicians chose to frame their defense of racial segregation through the language of “law and order” because they could not explicitly say “segregation forever,” as stated by Michelle Alexander. However they are actually synonymous in this case. By using “law and order” when justifying their racism, it is hard for others to see them as being on the wrong side of an issue, it gives them the benefit of the doubt and people might think they are on the morally right side when it comes to the fight on racism.
  2. I do think the Southern Strategy is still influencing American politics today, and honestly it’s gotten to the point where many aren’t even trying to hide their racist views anymore. There were many white people, and even some people of color, just this past election making racist remarks to people of color, specifically Black people and they only seem to be getting bolder.


Hi everyone! My name is Clarissa Carrillo and I’m an early childhood education major. I’m 20 years old and during my free time I like to read, crochet and bake. I have two cats named Ollie and Manchitas. And honestly, I am taking this course because it is a requirement for my major, but I do like to learn and discuss politics from time to time. I can’t wait to virtually meet you guys and good luck on the class!