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Do you notice any similarities in the way social class is discussed in readings 4.1 and 4.2? Do you notice any differences in the way these two readings DIFFERENTIATE between social classes

-in both articles income is describe by annually income. the articles do have a differences and thats most people are middle class because they work hard to get their income to a higher and upper class but they aren’t investing as much as an upper class. 

Pick the station closest to where you live. Using the concepts from Reading 4.1, what social class tends to live in your neighborhood? Are you surprised (or not) by the answer? Do you feel it is an accurate representation of the people living in your neighborhood?

-I live by the J train, in my neighborhood we are a median working class. I am surprised because the people that live over here have nice car and houses and I thought that it would be a higher class. Also the rent here is expensive. No I don’t feel like its and accurate representation of the people that live here.

Based on Reading 4.2, do you notice a general pattern about social classes in NYC?

-there is a general pattern when it comes to the train lines. The upper class or the middle class live around downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan and the poor and the working class live every where else. 

Minerva Cerda

The repressive apparatus state is used to regulate the species. He utilizes the repressive because it regulates the independence of the nation. Instances encompass police, courts, and prisons which control you through the threat of violence. They use the fear of you being scared of the police because of your color. today’s democracies make you feel left out because of your skin color or where you came from or the language you speak.

2) Ideological State Apparatuses differences from the importance include schools, politics, and the total agencies. Instances encompass, politics conserving the importance by lending you an intention so you feel like you have some obligation towards the community you live in. Nonetheless, in today’s democracies, you have a choice between different parties.

3) Repressive Apparatus State intends for custody physically through violence and suspicion. Idealistic State Apparatuses control more psychologically through people’s minds and thought methods. For example through the media and schooling. They use media to get into people’s heads they make us scared of the police or education.


Minerva Cerda

M. Alexander claims that the main explanation of why so many people are sent to jail in the U.S. today is deeply wrong. She states states that many people are sent to jail in the U.S by the government’s “zealous” efforts to address rampant drug crime in poor, minority neighborhoods. This is why there is a major increase in mass incarceration in the United States. The media created negative racial stereotypes about poor city residents especially the poor African American communities.  

1; M. Alexander claims that the main reason why so many people are put in jail in the U.S today is so wrong. She claims that many people are sent to jail by our own governments the “zealous” efforts to put in jail uncheck drug crime in poor communities. This is one of the main reason why there’s a major increase in mass prison in the U.S. the media started to discriminate residents from the African American communities. 

2; Racial disparities in the rates of custody cannot be clarified by the prices of drug crimes because all ethnicities in America or races loathe using the word racist because there are no races among other humans. Drug use is substantial. Any American from any social stratification or organization can be potentially a drug user or drug addict. In fact that minorities people of color are over-represented in the illegal justice system in the jail  it’s not because species of color use drugs that’s not substantial

3; Social media has a powerful impact on society and their awareness of the black neighborhood and racist beliefs have impacted the American Penal System. total detention of the black population and the use of retribution is an aspect of social control


hey class, my name is minerva but you can call me Mimi, I’m 18 years old, I’m from the Dominican Republic, I live in Brooklyn. I have been living here for the past 10 years my major is criminal justice, I’m an NYPD explorer I’m in the rank of captain in my command. I like reading books and going out to have a nice time with friends. I have a cat his name is Aqui I don’t know why my mom named him that because in Spanish means here. 😂