2/8 + 2/10

Video Recordings Available

There are video recordings of Wednesday’s class available. See Discord or the Class Discussion Board.

This week the focus is on HTML and CSS. I’m assuming that you have had some experience before so it’s a refresher but we go fast.

Week 2 Intro Video

Before Class: LEARN

Do this: (1–3 before Monday, 4–5 before Wednesday)

  1. Accounts
    1. Access your LinkedIn Learning Account
    2. Create GitHub account. If you already have one, make sure you remember the login info.
  2. Work on your Dev Environment
    1. There were issues with the macOS instructions. Students in office hours helped me find and fix those (thanks!).
    2. We also found that there can be issues you might be having with this that are not your fault but could prevent the instructions from working. Let me know if you’re running into problems.
  3. Watch my recorded presentation of Everything is a Box slide deck
    1. Video Link
    2. Slides Link (download)

  1. Watch this video on CSS
    1. Don’t Fear Starting from Scratch: CSS [11:02]
    2. Note: you can just watch to help refresh concepts. This is part of a larger series of videos. If you want to try to follow along, great. Try using VS Code that you should have installed.
  2. Play the CSS Dinner Selector Game
    1. Take a screenshot of how far you make it. You don’t have to finish it.
    2. This really helps to explore and learn the CSS Selectors.
Optional Resources

These are optional resources related to what we are doing this week. You don’t have to do these before class, but you can look if you have time or feel you need to explore more.



  • Join the Live Class Sessions
  • Have your computer ready to follow along.
  • Also have GitHub and CodePen accounts active.



Link will be available after WEDNESDAY’s CLASS

Live Sessions

Session 1: Course Introduction

Monday, Feb. 8 at 7:30p–9:10p

Monday the focus is on HTML.

Links for Monday Session

Session 2: Getting Started

Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 7:30p–9:10p

Tuesday we will work on CSS.

Links for Wednesday Session

Learning Journal

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