Issues with Homebrew

This is only for people with macs.

When I was installing Git on my mac with Homebrew I ran into some issues. There were conflicts with it and some other versions I think and also some extra files that may have been from other things I had done.

I’m putting this here in case it helps any one else.

One: Run Brew Doctor

  1. Open Terminal
  2. type: brew doctor

It should show issues if you have them. It may list a long list of files. It may also be that the warnings it has are not a problem and you can ignore them. Because we installed node separately from homebrew it will always give warnings like this

You can ignore these header files warnings usually.

If the issue is with Git, that we will use a lot, or you are having other problems with Homebrew, then you may need to fix the issues.

If you’re totally confused at this point, let me know and I’ll see if I can help.

Two: Fix issues

Git was showing as not linked properly so I did this to clean it up

  1. Open Terminal if not already open
  2. type: brew link –overwrite git
  3. type: brew cleanup
  4. type: brew doctor
    1. Hopefully everything is fine

Tcl and Tk issue

This may be too specific and I hope nobody else has it but I found that I had to remove .tcl and .tk files. In order to do that I had to:

  1. Go to my main hard Drive (usually Macintosh HD)
  2. press these keys to see hidden files: command + shift + .
  3. open the lib folder by following this path
    1. usr
    2. local
    3. lib
  4. delte the tcl and tk files
    1. libtclstu8.6.a
    2. libtkstu8.6.a
  5. open the pkgconfig
  6. delete tcl.pc and tk.pc files

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