Submitting the Midterm

Instructions on how to submit your Midterm Project.

Due Date

Files are due to be uploaded to Blackboard on Monday, April 12.

The presentation part will be scheduled below.

Uploading to Blackboard

  1. Login to our course on Blackboard
  2. Click on Assignments in the Navigation
  3. Click on the Midterm Presentation Assignment
  4. Upload your file(s)
    1. Project Brief
    2. Sitemap
    3. Wireframes
    4. Style Tile
  5. Upload your presentation, or if it is on the web, add the URL for it in the Text entry area for the assignment
  6. Click Submit.

Select a Time to Present

Use the calendar below to select a day and time. The options are April 12, April 14 and April 19.