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Course Title

MMP 350 Advanced Web Design

Course Details

Basic Skills:ENG 095 or ESL 062; ACR 094
Prerequisites:MMP 240
Co-requisites:MAT 051
Hours per week:2 Class + 2 Lab

Time and Days

Spring 2021 Semester

Mondays and Wednesdays 7:30p–9:10p

(synchronous hours will be on Zoom, mix of class and lab hours will vary)

Instructor Information

Prof Chris Stein

Office Hours
MON 11a–12p, WED 9:10p–10:10p, THU 3p–4p
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Course Description

Official Description
This course gives the students the tools to build standards-compliant, accessible, dynamic web sites. Students will incorporate client-side and server-side scripting with advanced CSS to create intuitive and interactive web interfaces. The learning will take placed in the context of a content management system. Contemporary web development processes and platforms will be explored. A foundational knowledge of programming concepts, HTML, CSS and design for the web is required for this course.

Plus Prof Stein’s Additional
In this course, you will learn skills, techniques, concepts to give you a solid foundation on which you can build towards becoming a professional web designer. The Jamstack architecture is a key topic. First, you will learn fundamental concepts to get ready for Jamstack development, then we will learn how it works and finally, you will complete your own site. Along the way you will strengthen HTML, CSS and design skills, pick up new skills and languages like JavaScript, Node and Git, and learn more about what is needed to be a web professional.

Course Student Learning OutcomesMeasurements
1. Write a web site project plan that includes written descriptions, sitemap and wireframes.1. Project Plan Documents
2. Demonstrate the ability to write in a web-focused programming language. Deploy a web site using a content management system (CMS)2. Final Project (Eleventy)
3. Write client-side scripting code to add advanced interactivity and usability3. JavaScript Assignment
4. Write basic server-side scripting code for dynamic web pages4. Eleventy template system and Node.js in Final Project
5. Use package managers, frameworks and dependencies that are current industry standards5. Eleventy template system and Node.js in Final Project


There is no textbook for the class. We will use the LinkedIn Learning Course: Building Serverless Apps with JAMStack and Eleventy like a textbook for a number of weeks. The class web site you’re reading now will contain or link to all of the class information.

Use of Technology


You will need a computer in order to complete the work in this class. If you do not have a capable computer fill out this form to get help: Also, let Prof Stein know and he can make sure you get the help you need.

Dev Environment
You will also need to set up a development environment on your computer. This includes the text editor and also some other software that will need to be installed on your computer. Click the previous link to learn how.

We will hold synchronous sessions through Zoom. In order to use this you will either need to have a camera and microphone on your computer or a mobile device with the Zoom app installed.

Because this is an online class you will need to be connected to the internet. BMCC has some mobile hotspots if you don’t have internet at home. You can email to request a hotspot.

We will also use a number of online sites. They are all either free or you can access them for free with your BMCC or CUNY username and password. The Accounts page on our site explains the details.

BMCC and CUNYfirst Logins
A number of resources require these logins (LinkedIn Learning, Blackbaord, Zoom, MS Office, Adobe). If you do not have (or cannot remember) your id and password for either your BMCC login or your CUNYfirst login, contact the BMCC helpdesk right away: 212-220-8379 or

Other Resources

You may want to have pen and paper handy for sketching out ideas or taking quick notes while following along as we work.


Take advantage of BMCC’s one-on-one tutoring services (free!). Visit for an up to date schedule (scroll to MMP/MMA)

Grading and Section Specific Information


Weekly Learning Reports
Each week you will complete a report on what you learned. Sometimes you will turn in items that you have worked on. Turn these in EVEN IF YOU HAVE DONE LITTLE TO NO WORK. It’s a conversation between you and me and your classmates about where you are.
Quizlet Progress
We will use the site Quizlet to help you manage learning foundational Web Design knowledge (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jamstack terminology etc). This app is in place of quizzes.
Active Class Participation
There will be multiple opportunities to participate each week. See Class Participation below for more info.
Midterm Presentation
This will be a presentation on what you are going to do for your final project.
Final Project
This will be a web site that you create using the Jamstack architecture that we are learning. A rubric will be provided.

Class Participation

Regular participation in the course is one of the most important things that you can do in order to help you learn more deeply and permanently and to help ensure that you pass the class.

Activities that count as active class participation include:

  • attending synchronous sessions
  • asking questions during synchronous sessions
  • asking questions in the discussion area
  • submitting weekly learning reports
  • practicing on Quizlet
  • attending office hours

Weekly Breakdown

This is a basic breakdown of the course. More detail will be given each week and some things may change.

Weeks 1–4

  • Course Introduction
  • Setup
    • Getting access to your accounts
    • Home Development Environment
  • Web Design refresher (HTML + CSS)
  • JavaScrpt Introduction
  • Using Node, Git and Markdown

Weeks 5–13

  • Learning Jamstack and Eleventy
  • Present Midterms on Weeks 9 and 10

Weeks 14–16

  • Final Project Website Workshop
  • Present Finals on Week 16

General Student Resources

Single Stop, room S230, 212‐220‐8195, If you are having problems with food or housing insecurity, finances, health insurance or anything else that might get in the way of your studies at BMCC, come by the Single Stop Office for advice and assistance. Assistance is also available through the Office of Student Affairs, S350, 212‐220‐8130,

Counseling Center, room S343, 212‐220‐8140, Counselors assist students in addressing psychological and adjustment issues (i.e., depression, anxiety, and relationships) and can help with stress, time management and more. Counselors are available for walk‐in visits.

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