Final Project

Final Projects are your completed site, built with Eleventy and deployed on Netlify. There is a final project submission and a final project presentation

Final Project Presentations

You will present your projects on one of two dates

  1. Wednesday, May 19
  2. Monday, May 24

Full Presentation Information

I have created a post that allows you to schedule the presentation, gives the rubric and has an example slideshow.

View Final Presentation Post

Final Project Submission

Final Projects themselves are submitted on Blackboard. The submission is giving two links in the Final Project Assignment:

  1. Netlify site link
  2. GitHub Repository Link

Final Project Due Date: Tuesday, May 25

Please submit a final project even if you’re a member of a group. Everyone should submit the same links if you’re in a group.

Final Project Rubric

I will use a rubric to score your final projects.

Structure15Eleventy is used to build the pages
Deploy10– Site is on a GitHub Repository
– Netlify is used to publish the GitHub repository as a site
Content: Display10Content displays properly. Files from _site folder are on the final web site
Content: Goals10Content meets the target audience goals
Foundation: HTML5HTML5 elements are used in a semantic way (ie use nav, article, section, header, footer for appropriate content). Free of errors.
Foundation: CSS5CSS is used to style pages. Class names are appropriate. Free of syntax errors.
Foundation: Responsive 5– Proper Meta data in site <head>
– Flexible Media
– Fluid Grid (use fr or percent for widths of layout elements)
Design: Overall10Overall Visual Design matches the content and target audience
Design: Layout10– It is clear what section of the page is what Create Gestalt Post:
– The layout is Responsive: changes for different display sizes
Design: Typography10– the Font Matches Design goals
– The text is Readable and accessible
– There is a Typographic Hierarchy
UX10– Navigation and other links and buttons all work Navigation
– Users can move through the content easily
– it’s clear how to achieve the target audience goals
Extra Creditup to 15You can receive extra credit for any/all of:
– API use
– Custom Data file (JSON or YAML)
– Dynamic Pages created from Data
– Custom Collections
– Custom Filters
– Special Interactive Elements (like map)
– Custom JavaScript for interface or data elements.
Total100 (up to 115 with EC)