We will use a number of accounts for various software and web sites in this class. You will not have to pay for any of them. Some of them use your BMCC or CUNYfirst logins and others you will have to create.

BMCC Accounts

Check to make sure that you can access these with your BMCC username and password. If you need to reset your BMCC Password view these instructions.

Join Our Course on the BMCC OpenLab

FIRST: Sign Up for the OpenLab

  1. Go to: 
  2. Click Sign up and use your BMCC Login when asked.
  3. Complete the Profile form when you are taken back to the OpenLab. This is an important Step!

SECOND: Join our Course

  1. Go to Course Profile
  2. Click the Join Button. You will not see this button if you are not signed in to the OpenLab.

Zoom Use your BMCC Login

LinkedIn Learning (formerly

  1. Create a LinkedIn account if you don’t have one.
  2. Follow these instructions for accessing your LinkedIn Learning account. Note that you will need to use your BMCC email for this part even if you have another email for your LinkedIn account.

New Accounts

These are accounts you may not have yet. Note, you are not required to have a Google account for this class, but you may find it easier to remember passwords if you sign in to these sites with Google when possible. Some also offer options for Facebook, Apple and others.


Instructions for Joining Quizlet and our class on Quizlet in this Discussion Board

(you can use Google/Facebook/Apple to sign in)
We will use this site to learn foundational information (HTML/CSS/JavaScript facts). We will discuss this when we talk about Learning Science and use it throughout the class.


  1. Instructions for joining in this Discussion Board
  2. You must first join our class before you can see this link

This account is very important early on and will be used to sign in to other accounts later on.

LinkedIn (you can join with Google account)
This will be needed later on when creating your LinkedIn Learning account. Also we will talk about how to promote your new skills from this class on sites like LinkedIn.

We are using this more frequently as a way to interact in class and visually present information. It helps if you create an account because you can be invited to our class and have a place to see all of the Miro boards.

CUNYfirst Login Accounts

These accounts use your CUNYfirst account to log in. If you need to reset that password view these instructions.


Grades will be posted in Blackboard.


You will be able to use Adobe. Here are instructions. Ignore the dates if they say it isn’t working now.