Progress Check (week 4)

You can use this post to do a progress check. It lists the major concepts we have covered and activities you were asked to do. It also checks to see where you are with creating a habit of practice for our class.

This is voluntary and something you mainly do for your own benefit. That does not prevent you from asking questions about it in any of these places (questions always encouraged, they are an important part of the learning process):

  • In class synchronous sessions
  • On Discord
    • use Q and A channel
    • or Direct message me
    • or direct message a classmate
    • or another channel you think is appropriate
  • During Office Hours

Things You Should Have Done


You should have these accounts:

  • BMCC OpenLab
  • Our Course on the BMCC OpenLab
  • Zoom
  • LinkedIn Learning (and LinkedIn)
  • Discord
  • Quizlet
  • GitHub
  • Blackboard
  • Adobe
  • Miro (optional)

Miro is the only new item there. It’s not totally required but will make life easier as we use Miro more often.

You can find more info about how to all of these on the Accounts page.

Dev Environment Setup

You should now have your Development environment set up and ready to do:

  • Visual Studio Code with the following extensions:
    • GitLens
    • Git History
    • Prettier
    • Live Server
    • Markdown All in One
  • Update or install Terminal/command line
  • Node
  • Git
  • Optionally install Homebrew (macOS) or Choco (Windows) to help manage installs.

Learning Journals

We have one each week. These count similarly to assignments that you’re used to in most classes.

Watch Videos

You have been assigned a number of videos to watch. We used these kind of like a book. You should leave yourself a couple hours a week to watch videos or read articles (we may do more of that later on).

Information to Support Your Learning


These are some of the presentations and Miro Boards we’ve used in class:


I have created a Dropbox folder with files for the class.

view Discussion Board Post with link to the Dropbox folder

Here is the GitHub site for the Building Serverless Apps with JAMStack and Eleventy course that we will be using.

view GitHub Site

Web Sites

These are sites that have games, articles and tutorials we are using


These are some of the concepts we have covered. I do NOT expect you to be an expert at these by this point, but instead I’m listing them here to help keep them fresh in your minds and be able to look over them.


Lea Verou’s Introduction to Modern Web Technologies

  • It’s long but interactive. It covers HTML, CSS and JS. Don’t go all through at once.



MDN CSS Reference

CSS Layout



Concepts we covered in class

These may be in some of the in class videos I will make available. We will continue to cover these topics throughout the semester

  • Node / NPM / NVM
  • NPM install
  • Terminal
  • Git
  • Git clone
  • GitHub
  • GitHub Repository

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