From a Data File: show list of items and create pages

These two videos show you how to create a list of items that are in a data file (a list of images in this case) and then also to dynamically generate pages from that data file. This is similar to what we did in class with the Clients pages. These work with the eleventy starter… Continue reading From a Data File: show list of items and create pages

Week 11: 4/19 + 4/21

Before Class Prepare for your Midterm Presentation. Sign Up for Midterm Presentation If you haven’t signed up for a time to present your midterm then click here to view the Submit the Midterm page and sign up by clicking on the calendar. After Class Complete the Week 11 Journal After Class on Wednesday.


This post has information about how Eleventy works as well as links to all of the LinkedIn Learning course videos and our related class materials. Eleventy Course on LinkedIn Learning We have followed a long with the Building Serverless Apps with JamStack and Eleventy from LinkedIn Learning. This section lists all of the videos from… Continue reading Eleventy

Week 7: 3/15 + 3/17

Week 7 Before Class: Learn This week we will get more into Eleventy Templates and look at how they can be chained. With layout chaining you can do things like make a separate template file for your navigation or have templates for different page layouts. We also learn more about how you can add your… Continue reading Week 7: 3/15 + 3/17

Week 5: 3/1 + 3/3

Week 5 Before Class: Learn Do this before Monday This week we start on the LinkedIn Learning Course we will follow: Building Serverless Apps with JAMStack and Eleventy. Each week we will watch some of the videos and then work through issues and questions in class. I’ll preface course videos with Course Video. Sometimes I’ll… Continue reading Week 5: 3/1 + 3/3