Finals Week

Before Class Work on your Final Project Presentation. Register to give your Final Project Presentation Keep working on your Final Projects. Final Projects are due on Tuesday, May 25 by submitting on Blackboard.

Deploy to Netlify

Here is the process to deploy your project to Netlify. STEP 1: Create GitHub Repository You should already have this, but you will need a GitHub repository with all of the Eleventy files STEP 2: Ready Your Project Install Eleventy in Your Project You haven’t had to do this before because most of us installed… Continue reading Deploy to Netlify

Final Project Presentation

You will present your projects on one of two dates Wednesday, May 19 Monday, May 24 Please use the form below to choose a presentation date for you or your group. Presentation Rubric The following rubric will be used to score your presentations Area Points (100) Description Project Overview 20 Introduce your project including: –… Continue reading Final Project Presentation