From a Data File: show list of items and create pages

These two videos show you how to create a list of items that are in a data file (a list of images in this case) and then also to dynamically generate pages from that data file. This is similar to what we did in class with the Clients pages. These work with the eleventy starter… Continue reading From a Data File: show list of items and create pages

Week 10: 4/12 + 4/14

Before Class Prepare for your Midterm Presentation. Submit Midterm Submit your Midterm Files to the Midterm assignment on Blackboard. It’s due at the end of the day on Monday (so you can submit after class on Monday). Sign Up for Midterm Presentation If you haven’t signed up for a time to present your midterm then… Continue reading Week 10: 4/12 + 4/14

Week 9: 4/5 + 4/7

Before Class If you are up-to-date then there is no before class this week. I hope that you had a good break and at least got some rest. If you didn’t answer the midterm questions to create a draft of your midterm brief then click here to answer the midterm questions form. You should complete… Continue reading Week 9: 4/5 + 4/7

Week 8: 3/22 + 3/24

Before Class This week we are going to talk about data and the JSON file format. We will start to look at how data can be used in your projects and think about what kind of data you might use. WE will also go over the midterm presentations more as well. You should complete this… Continue reading Week 8: 3/22 + 3/24