Style Tiles

Style tiles were created by Samantha Warren.

Style Tiles

The purpose of these is to start to show the visual design elements are not in a wireframe without having to create a full-blown mockup of the site. This allows you to have a discussion about the design with teammates, clients etc, in a quick way that is easy to change and iterate.

Most style tiles include:

  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Interface elements like buttons or title/text/image groups


You are welcome to create your own Style Tile from scratch, but to save time you can also edit a template. There are a few different options for templates.

Original Photoshop Templates

Samantha Warren created a site,, to explain, give examples and provide templates. On the home page there is a DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE button which will download a Photoshop template

Miro Template

This is one I made and is what is used in the example image above. You will need to join the class team on Miro to be able to use the template.

Template Link:

CodePen Template

This is a template created on Codepen. Because it’s on CodePen, you will edit the HTML and CSS to change the template. A few tips on editing:

  • Fonts: I used Google Fonts for this. You can select your own web fonts (from Google or wherever) and replace line 1 in the CSS.
  • CSS Variables: these are used in lines 10-66 to set fonts, font sizes and colors. Changing the values of these variables is the quickest way to update the style tile.
    • Try starting with changing the colors on lines 44-53 to see how this works.

Template Link:

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