CSS Resources and References

Here are some places where you can find out more about CSS Syntax, Selectors, Properties and Values. Nobody can remember everything about CSS Syntax, how to apply it etc. Your goal should be to know some of the main terms and ideas so that you can more quickly find the information you need in a reference.

The Mozilla Developers Network (MDN) and CSS Tricks are two great web sites to go to for help. I have found it can be helpful to start with a trusted resource like these instead of googling first and having to sift through a bunch of stuff.

Mozilla Developers Network: MDN

This site sets the standard as a reference for all things web.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets

This is the main area for all things CSS at MDN

CSS Syntax

CSS Reference

CSS Tricks

This is an excellent resource not only on CSS but also for front-end web development in general.

CSS Tricks Homepage

CSS Ruleset Terminology

A ruleset is what applies CSS to an element or elements. This is the core syntax for CSS.

A Complete Guide to Flexbox

A Complete Guide to Grid

A Complete Guide to the Table Element

A Complete Guide to CSS Media Queries

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