2 thoughts on “Ichiyo

  1. I agree with you, now a days many women are trying to survive. Also I think most of the women put their family first like Higuchi and Oseki.

    Now a days you can see many women that sacrifice their happiness for their family, so they stay in a toxic relationship without say anything for a long time like Oseki.

  2. I agree with your point about the rich harboring opportunities for those in their circle. This is one of the main reasons why Oseki feels like she has no other choice but to stay in her marriage out of duty. Even if she did want to run off with Roku she herself had no status or money, everything she had was because of her husband. Roku also had no money or status to provide to Oseki so there were any gains on either side. I also agree with your analysis of what the female character represents in terms of the era this story was written in. Ichiyo and her family were considered “low ranking” in the society she lived in. She witnessed and went through the difficulties the women around her had to go through just because they were women, this was a big inspiration for her work.

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