Chopin and Race

I believe that the authors race does matter when their narrative deals with racial issues in some instances. Usually, the opinions of POC are ignored by other races but their own, people are more inclined to believe a person and listen to what they have to say when they can relate to them. Chopin’s critique just helped grab the attention of those who look like her, something black people that lived in that time period probably had difficulty doing. In addition, when a person writes about the racial injustices they’ve endured, that entices people who relate to them to listen and speak on their experiences to continue to spread these ideas. When determining whether the authors race has any importance depends on the issues that’s being brought to light or the audience you’re reaching for.

Since this story was written in 1892 it can be assumed that this story was written by Chopin for her white counterparts. Not many white Americans were writing stories that regarded racial differences in these days because they either still agreed with certain ideas or were scared to be outcasted. Because of this Chopin’s race played a big role in the reason why Desiree’s baby was such a success.

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