Writing as activism

I believe that in this day in age writing can still be a viable form of activism. I see it every day on social sites such as Instagram and Twitter. Writing is not only about books and news articles but also blogs and social media posts which spread like wildfires all over different sites. Considering that this generation is very big on internet communities and are always on their phones, I think it’s the most effective way to get this generations attention as well as to motivate us to join different movements. An example of this that I have seen was last year when the Black Lives Matter movement started to gain a lot of attention on social media. Teens and young adults all over the country were sharing their opinions on the matter and using these platforms to meet up in real life to protest. Because of all the bloggers and posts that were all over sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, even people who knew nothing about this movement or did not care about it before joined the conversation bringing more attention to it.

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