I think adults have to be very careful with the things they say when they are around kids. Children don’t understant that sometimes adults say many things only to be nice or to make others feel good. In “ Gorilla my Love” The Protagonist thinks that his uncle will marry her in the future because when she was a baby he said that to her, so she takes that literally. Sometimes adults say a lot of things just to be nice, but the problem is that sometimes children get hurt so easily, because they expect that you  “say what you mean” just like them.

In “ Gorilla My Love”  The protagonist said “ when you say you are going to give me a party on my birthday, you gotta mean it “ ( pag 18). Most of the parents always want to keep their promises but sometimes it doesn depend on us. Even though grown ups have all the intention to keep their word, sometimes they are no longer available to do the thing they said they would do. 

This part of the reading reminded me of something that happened to one of my friends. 15 year ago my friend promised to her daugther that when she turns 15, she will have a big party. Three months before she turned 15, my friend had to come to America looking for a better life. When she turned 15, my friend didn’t have the money for the party, so she could not  keep her word. Her daughter never forgave her mother for not giving her a big party. I think most parents want to give their children the best they can, but even though they have the intention sometimes it is not enough.   

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  1. Hi Carolina!
    I agree that we all should be careful about what we choose to joke about in front of children. Kids don’t have the same perception as us so they’re not sure if we’re joking around. Still, I believe we should talk to children with respect and kindness since they are tiny humans after all! I liked your post!

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