Daily Archives: September 1, 2022

I am from a beautiful place where everybody is called ” PARCERO” . 

 I am from the caribbean sea and the pacific ocean bordered the country.

I am from the rhythm of vallenato,cumbia and despecho.

I’m from dancing cumbia is the first thing you learn in school

I’m from the ” Bandeja paisa” is the national dish.

I’m from gorgeous flowers grow everywhere, where the beautiful festival flower take place.

I’m from the smell of coffe wake you up every single day, and your mom making AREPAS with cheese for breakfast is the best way she can show you LOVE.

I’m from ‘CHIVA PARTYS BUS” is part of your weekends, going around the whole city on a bus dancing and singing is a good way to have fun.

I’m from people have the unique ability to be positive in difficult times. YES I’M FROM COLOMBIA.

Where I’m From 

I am from agriculture

and crisp autumn wind.

From bruised crab apples

and blue moon ice cream. `

I am from the utters of cows

and the milk they give.

I am from the chancla that my mom used to throw at me

and the cinturón my dad branded on me.

I am without a doubt from the words of self loathing,

but I am also from positive affirmations.

I am from the suburbs of late night trick or treating

and warm apple cider that was made with love.

I am from handmade tortillas

and queso fresco.

I am from my mom’s compassion

and my father’s mental decline.

I am from glochids

and tomatillo.

I’m from Waupun the land of the Ojibwe.

Where I’m From

I’m from two households
where you learn to adapt to your environment
I’m from a mother that was single and broken
to a father on weekends that was stable financially

I’m from carrying clothes home to home.
To a home that introduced me to Jesus,
to another that exposed me to sin.
I’m from an experience seen distressful.
Yet moments cherished,
I’m From learning balance,
to retrieving the gift of empathy.

I’m from feeling odd, due to shared time between two places
I’m from having two mothers and two fathers.
I’m from having siblings I didn’t see everyday.
I’m from hearing bachata, to church on Sundays.

I’m from the youngest on weekdays,
and the oldest on weekends.
I’m from Highbridge, yet other days
Washington Heights.

Overall I will forever be from Jesus.

Where I’m From

I’m from Washington Heights

Where fire hydrants are left opened all summer long so the neighborhood kids can stay cool

Where loud music is the norm no matter the time of day

Where fireworks are lit up every day from late June till early August

Where you’ll be greeted by dozens of street vendors once you get to 181st

Where kids line up for $1 slices after school

I’m from Washington heights

Where there’s a bodega or two on every block you step on

Where patelitos and morirsoñandos are essential after a long day at the pool

Where we love to listen to Tokischa and El Alfa on full blast

where you won’t go a day without hearing police sirens

Where Dominicans reside and flourish

I’m from Washington Heights

I am From

I am from Saṃsāra,

from ignorance and desire.

I am from one of the 6 realms

I am from the human realm that offers an opportunity to attain nirvana and end the Saṃsāra cycle.

the only samsaric domain from which one can directly attain enlightenment.

I am from the foothills of the land of gods

and a place of snow and glaciers,

from the Himalayan

and Hyolmo and Kyirong.

I am from the place with a land meets the sky.

and where the gods sleep.

From where we worship our creator.

I’m from the country that is known for its biodiversity

also for its amazing cuisine, my favorite being Thali and Mo:Mo:

I am from Ne Muni.