I am from a beautiful place where everybody is called ” PARCERO” . 

 I am from the caribbean sea and the pacific ocean bordered the country.

I am from the rhythm of vallenato,cumbia and despecho.

I’m from dancing cumbia is the first thing you learn in school

I’m from the ” Bandeja paisa” is the national dish.

I’m from gorgeous flowers grow everywhere, where the beautiful festival flower take place.

I’m from the smell of coffe wake you up every single day, and your mom making AREPAS with cheese for breakfast is the best way she can show you LOVE.

I’m from ‘CHIVA PARTYS BUS” is part of your weekends, going around the whole city on a bus dancing and singing is a good way to have fun.

I’m from people have the unique ability to be positive in difficult times. YES I’M FROM COLOMBIA.

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