Where I’m From

I’m from two households
where you learn to adapt to your environment
I’m from a mother that was single and broken
to a father on weekends that was stable financially

I’m from carrying clothes home to home.
To a home that introduced me to Jesus,
to another that exposed me to sin.
I’m from an experience seen distressful.
Yet moments cherished,
I’m From learning balance,
to retrieving the gift of empathy.

I’m from feeling odd, due to shared time between two places
I’m from having two mothers and two fathers.
I’m from having siblings I didn’t see everyday.
I’m from hearing bachata, to church on Sundays.

I’m from the youngest on weekdays,
and the oldest on weekends.
I’m from Highbridge, yet other days
Washington Heights.

Overall I will forever be from Jesus.

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