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Weekly Module 1: Course Overview Application Post (Video)



After watching the video about time management and tips for on-line student success, answer the following questions:

  1. Introduce yourself on the blog. Tell us:
    • Your name
    • Why you are taking a hybrid course
    • Something you love about yourself
  1. Identify 2 techniques you plan to manage your time to be successful in this class, at least 1 should be from the video.  
  2. How will the 2 techniques help you be successful in this on-line class?
  3. What challenges could prevent you from using the techniques?  How will you deal with those challenges? 

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Weekly Module 1: Course Overview Readings Post

In this module you will:

  • Explore the requirements for ECE 209-Seminar
  • Examine the expectations for ECE 209-Seminar
  • Identify time management techniques that will help you succeed in ECE 209


Course Overview Readings Post

After reading the Syllabus, Assignment Guidelines, Policies, and Course Guide for ECE 209-S, answer the following questions:

  1. What paper is due for ECE 209-S?
    • When is the paper due?
    • How many points is the paper worth?
  1. How many points do you need to earn to pass ECE 209-S?
  2. How many points can you earn for:
    • A Reading Post each week?
    • Responding to 2 Reading Posts each week?
    • Completing the Babies handout?
    • An Application post each week?
    • Responding to 2 Application posts
    • Completing the Mid-semester survey?
  1. When is the work due each week for ECE 209-S?
  2. What week will ECE 209-S focus on Talking with Families?
  3. What should you do if you have a technical issue with Open Lab and cannot post or respond to posts by 11:59 PM on Sunday?
  4. How can you earn extra credit for ECE 209-S?

Respond to 2 other posts!

ECE 209-Seminar Course Guide Spring 2020

ECE 209 Seminar Syllabus 

ECE 209-Seminar Assignments Guidelines 

ECE 209 Course Policies