Week G

Week G Assignment 

The most demotivating part of harpers job is her boss not taking notice of how much she is going through and not being comfortable enough to communicate her struggles with him.  Harper loves the company she works for and has put four years of her life into working there so she would like to continue to work for them but with how her workload has increased since her old boss left, leaving for a new opportunity might be her only option.  In a situation like this having a sit down with her new boss could help tremendously.

If I were an HR manager I would remind him how important it is to communicate with your employees and how they should always feel comfortable bringing up problems they have when it comes to him.  Healthy communication is paramount in the workplace because it will lead to work being accomplished with better quality and if there are ever any misunderstandings they can be cleared up as fast as possible.  I would also make sure that he knows never to overburden his employees because if a worker has too much pressure on them their quality of work will not be the same and ethically the right thing to do is make sure your employees are comfortable

 Harper is an extremely hard worker and likes working for the company, losing her would be highly detrimental to the company.  The key to success for most companies is having employees who love their job and harper has lost that love for her job.  The best action to take would be to have a conversation with harper and find out what can be done so that she can enjoy working at the company again.