The most demotivating part of Harpers job is how she feels like a machine rather than a valued person in her role. Her previous boss was engaging, involved and aware of the people he managed and what their workloads were, now Harper feels overworked and unseen. If I were HR at Marketable Inc., I would encourage David to facilitate weekly team meetings and team building efforts outside of the office as well prioritizing filling the vacant role to better manage workloads. Harper has been with the company for 4 years and was happy in her role for most of her time there, losing her as an employee would worsen the workload on her colleague and have the team question the company’s morale.

2 thoughts on “Retention

  1. Fatima Pichardo

    Hello Amanda! I like how you said her previous boss was engaging and involved, that’s something that’s very important in every job in my opinion, I feel like it helps a lot and its easier to get through every shift when you know you’re not alone and you know there’s someone to keep you engaged and its always there to help.

  2. Zakaria Ahmed

    Hi amanda,
    You did a good in Question 1 and described it well according to the question. and you described fewer explanations about the 2nd question we can put more explanations in that part because it’s a generic and unique question in the assignment. And in 3rd question you again did a fewer explanatios.

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